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Religion Controls Free Speech

Religion Controls Free Speech

Run!  Run from Christianity!  Escape from the cult that has cost millions of innocent people their lives, families, and inspired hundreds of wars throughout the ages.

The direction the human race has taken in its zeal to discover their place in the universe is very discouraging.  While many seek to discover the wonders of creation through science, common sense and reality, others have chosen a more questionable way of discovery, through faith.  Faith is the acceptance of unproven accusations that are not supported by physical evidence, scientific discovery, or common sense.  Religion comes from faith.  A person has to have faith in what cannot be seen or proven by logical evidence and this faith strengthens one’s belief to accept the teachings of a religion as the only means by which one can commune with god or understand our purpose in life according to god’s will.  Our will does not matter, only the fanatical will of an organized group of religious zealots is the only moral and political law allowable in the society from which all this sprang.  One such religion is Christianity.

Every religious doctrine starts as fantasy, a story developed through the workings of one’s own mind, shaping and developing the story over time.  When the story is revealed through the prophet, the story becomes true when that story is repeatedly taught to more and more people.  The fable becomes true the more it is told and repeated.  Truth is not based upon truth but the willing acceptance by many that the story is true because they have come to believe that it is true.  Someone’s grandmother told them the story so it must be true.  After all, granny wouldn’t lie to you.

Christians are not alone in portraying fantasy as reality.  All religious beliefs are based upon mythology.  Believers fight, pillage, rape, commit genocide, and other atrocities against each other in the names of their loving gods, gods whose existance cannot be proven.  The gods are given such loving personalities full of warmth and love for humanity, yet, it is their followers that express this love with such fervor and hatred that the divine experience they preach is never found.  Where is the love that the gods have given us?  Where is the compassion?  Where is the common sense and reasoning in going to war over unproven thoughts of theology or religious doctrine?  The spirituality that we seek is not found because our own desires interfere.  When the will of the gods, the Divine, is hidden by our own lusts and coveted desires, the true nature of the gods is destroyed and we are left so horribly alone in the universe.

One person, a prophet claiming to be the human voice of god, is unacceptable.  Any god, with the attributes claimed by Christianity, would be able to present himself to all of humanity at the same time and in all places.  Surely, Hebrew cannot be the only language god speaks, yet it is through the Hebrew-speaking nation that Christianity claims God contacted humanity first.  The reason only person speaks for god at any given time is because the voice that person hears is the sound of his own mind.  He speaks his own thoughts and reveals the hatred of his own heart.  His followers convert the message their ‘prophet’ gives them into doctrine and enforces it upon the rest of whoever is unfortunate enough to follow the prophet.

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